Smudge Grass


Smudge grass or sweetgrass is used just like a smudge stick to attract good spirits and cleanse the energy in a room or around someone. Braided sweet grass of approx. 50 cm.


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Smudge Grass

Sweet grass or weengush is seen as the first plant to grow on our earth. It is used differently by different tribes. For example, it would be a special medicine for women, where others use it only for men.

Holy Medicine

Do you want to know why sweet grass is considered sacred medicine and how to use it to attract positivity?

Everything that lives has its own form of energy. Likewise sweet grass. According to the indigenous tribes, this smudge grass stands for 2 things. It depicts the hair of mother earth, a feminine energy. But it also stands for strength. This is seen as a masculine energy. The idea of ​​strength stems from the fact that braided sweet grass is many times stronger than a single string of grass. It thus represents a strong bond in the family and the community. That is precisely why this grass is seen as a very important and sacred medicine.

Sweet grass is, according to the Anishinaabek culture from North America and Canada one of the four sacred medicines. In addition to sweet grass, these are Samah (Tabak), Keezhik (Cedar) and Shkodawabuk (Sage).


What exactly is smudging? This braided sweetgrass is a sacred medicine and therefore very important to the indigenous people of North America and Canada. More and more people in the west are discovering these ancient medicines and customs. Similarly with smudging, burning a smudge stick contributes to your spiritual and physical condition.

A smudge stick is a bundle of herbs bound together. Burning a smudge stick is called smudging. For example sage, lavender or this braided sweet grass. These have been ritually burned for thousands of years to combat disease and negative energy with the smoke that is released.

So, smudging is a cleansing and at the same time a form of prayer to rid body, mind and soul of negative energy. You invoke the spirit world to attract positivity and send health and prosperity to your friends, family and those around you. Many Native North American tribes practice smudging. The most important thing here is setting the right intention. With what intention do you use the smudge and what do you want to achieve with it. in short, it's all about doing the right thing with positive thoughts and from all your heart.

Use of Smudge Gras

Just like with a smudge stick of sage, for example, you light the braided smudge grass. Then you blow out the flame and let the grass smolder gently. Abalone shells are often used as a bowl to put the smoldering smudge in where it will extinguish by itself.


Braided sweet grass of approx. 50 cm





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