Sananga Water Drops - 5ml 

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Order powerful Sananga drops from the Amazon region online. Read all about the operation and use of Sananga water. These drops are mainly used to sharpen the senses. Sananga also helps to get in touch better with the higher self and the 'spirit world'. PAY ATTENTION ! Limited shelf life (about 2 months) after opening.


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Origin of Sananga

Not familiar with Sananga? Below we explain a few things for you and you can order powerful Sananga drops from the Amazon online.

Sananga is made by shamans of the Katukina tribe. The main ingredient is the root of the Apocynaceae shrub. This native plant species is found deep in the Brazilian Amazon. The Katukina are also known for their use of the Kambo frog and Rapé. Both, like Sananga, are an important part of their culture. These Sananga drops are therefore seen as a sacred remedy.

Ritual use..

The Sananga drops are used ritually to sharpen the senses and thus help in a successful hunt. Vision becomes sharper, awareness increases and concentration and strength increase. In addition, Sananga water strengthens contact with the invisible. Namely, it stimulates your pineal gland. In summary, with these Sananga drops you can open your third eye more in addition to the aforementioned effects.

As you understand by now, these people have a great deal of knowledge of nature. They get this to a large extent through the 'spirit world'. The Katukina tribe lives from the conviction that man should strive for a good balance between himself, his natural environment and the spirit world. A wisdom that the rest of the (Western) world can follow more than ever before.

Four special effects of Sananga

Below we list 4 important effects of Sananga water for you.

1. Detox your body.

Because your body and mind are cleansed, Sananga is a powerful protector against dark (black) energy.

2. Sharpen your senses.

Sananga will strengthen your perception. You will find that you are very attentive in a relaxed way. In this way colors will appear more intense and you will have a sharp mind.

3. Remove long-sitting inner anger.

Sananga drops help you release negative energies. These are often accumulated in your body. You will become more self-empowered and therefore effectively less susceptible to old emotions and associated patterns.

4. Give your energetic field a reset.

Notice that your energy increases and has a higher vibration. At the same time your awareness increases and you experience calmness but you are also more alert.

Order Sananga drops online?

Although the drops can temporarily give you an unpleasant and irritating sensation in the eyes, you will be amazed by the effect. With these Sananga drops you experience the thousands of years old wisdom from the Amazon. In short, a very special gift for yourself or your loved one (s).

Please note Sananga water has a limited shelf life so keep this in mind when ordering. After opening, the Sananga has a shelf life of 2 months. It is also possible to freeze the unopened Sananga to keep it fresh longer.

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✅Customers give Smart Bazar a 4.7 / 5

✅Before 17.30 pm. ordered, delivered tomorrow

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3 reviews for Sananga Water Drops - 5ml 

  1. R van Haaijen -

    Totally happy with these Sananga drops !!

  2. A. Rui -

    This is the real deal. Thanks guys!

  3. Gérard -

    So happy I found this. Good quality product and customer service!

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