Guayusa extract (drops)

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These Guayusa drops (extract) are a powerful antioxidant and rich in vitamins and minerals. Guayusa drops give you a big energy boost! For example, the Amazon Tribes have used Guayusa for centuries to improve their hunting and combat fatigue.


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Guayusa extract (drops)

These Guayusa extract drops come from the Ilex guayusa. This is a native plant from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Due to the presence of caffeine, theobromine (stimulant present in cocoa) and L-theanine in the leaves, Guayusa has a stimulating effect. The indigenous people mainly use Guayusa drops to combat fatigue and stress. Due to the (temporarily) increased concentration, Guayusa drops are often used by the traditional tribes to hunt better and for longer.

Operation and health

As mentioned above, Guayusa acts as a natural boost and stimulant. In addition to an average of 3% caffeine, it also contains methylxanthine alkaloid and theobromine. This also occurs in dark chocolate and green tea, for example. Guayusa is also highly antioxidant (stronger than green tea) with the ability to absorb free radicals.

In addition, this extract contains zinc, potassium and vitamins D and C, magnesium and calcium. Finally, there are important ones chlorogenic acids  present in Guayusa. This has a positive effect on cardiovascular health and contains essential amino acids.


  • Ecological Ilex Guayusa leaves (Ecuador)
  • Ilex Guayusa concentrate and 20% alcohol.

Use case

Take the Guayusa extract drops (max. 15) by dripping them in a glass of water and drinking it.

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3 reviews for Guayusa extract (drops)

  1. R.Davies -

    Kept me up pretty much all night. Which it should do! I am pretty sensitive to caffeine though. Traditionally this is also used with Ayahuasca to stay awake during your journey.

  2. T. delaney -

    Great and very special product. Definitely the real deal!

  3. Tim Admiraal -

    Long sought for good Guayusa. Very happy with these drops !!

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