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The use of Black Maca 5x extract powder gives many positive effects. For example, it contributes to an improved hormone balance, sharpness (memory), an increased libido (man and woman) and general relaxation and energy. Can also be used in a cocoa elixir.


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Everything about Black Maca powder

Black Maca 5x extract is a powder made from a root vegetable from Peru and can rightly be called a superfood. Maca powder is full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and contains all essential amino acids. The Black Maca variant is the least common type of Maca and contributes extra powerfully to the male and female libido and gives a lot of energy. Finally, maca is also used as an ingredient for making a cocoa elixir.

The working of Black Maca

With age or due to other circumstances, the production of certain hormones such as estrogen, progesterone (women) and testosterone can decrease. This can cause (temporary) fluctuations in the hormone balance. Maca powder stimulates the hormonal system and brings it back into balance because it acts as an adaptogen. Maca therefore has a positive effect on menopausal complaints, libido (men and women) and fertility.

The black Maca 5x extract has no direct effect on your hormone glands because it does not contain any hormone-like substance such as, for example, soy. With the use of maca powder, your body will produce the hormones it needs.

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The benefits of Black Maca at a glance

  • Increased libido
  • Better and sharper memory
  • Increases you energy
  • Improved fertility
  • Contributes to the hormone balance
  • More resistance and endurance
  • Positive effect on bone loss

Use of Black Maca Extract

Take approximately 1,5 teaspoon of black maca powder together with a glass of water, juice or tea.


  • 50 grams black maca (Lepidum Meyenii) extract (5x)



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