White sage & cedar smudge stick


Wonderfully scented and energy purifying white sage & cedar smudge stick. Read more about how this smudge stick works and how to use it below. Both sage and cedar help cleanse and protect a space, person, or object.

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White sage & cedar smudge stick

More and more people are discovering the healing effect of smudging. Burning this white sage & cedar smudge stick cleanses the energy of negative charge and creates a stronger connection with the higher consciousness. Smudging was originally done ritually by the Native American peoples in North America.

The burning of herbs, resin and plants is as old as man himself. In addition to providing heat and light, this also had other practical reasons. For example, the smoke expels insects and was also found to have a preservative effect on food. Indians believe the smoke is also protective against invisible ghosts. Good smoke development had to be created for the above effects. By tying the plants tightly together, they will smolder well and give the necessary smoke. This smoke is then fanned out through the room with the help of feathers. Traditionally, the smudge is roasted in a bowl or shell.

White Sage is used ceremonially to cast out negative influences or evil spirits. In addition, Sage has a very pleasant sweet scent and also helps to combat mosquitoes or moths.


Cedar is considered one of the most important tree species for the native North American population. Besides being used for the construction of houses and as a base for carvings, it also serves as part of sacred ceremonies. Traditionally, cedar or cedar is seen as a protector. The cedar tree is very old and was therefore seen as a wise and powerful spirit. Like sage, the smoke has a cleansing and protective effect. Unwanted spirits are asked to leave and a person or place is protected from unwanted influences.

The pleasant scent helps to attract good energy and personal transformation.


You can use this white sage & cedar smudge stick in different ways. For example, Indian tribes use the smudge stick not only to burn it, but also to breathe through it, to rub themselves with it or to put the sage on the ground in a sacred space.

  • Dimensions: 10 cm
  • Weight 60 grams

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