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The Guayusa variant Rapé can you order now!

De Guayusa rapé is an authentic blend and works wonderfully stimulating and gives you a nice focus. So it is suitable to continue working or to dance with full energy. You can also use the Guayusa to create lucid dreams.

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What do you need to know when you Guayusa Rapé want to order

Rapé is used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon region for relaxation and ritual as a shamanic "medicine." The rapé helps them to tune in to the higher self again, and to connect with the holy spirit. This special Guayusa Rapé blend can be ordered now.

Rapé enhances the effect of Ayahuasca. It opens your third eye and is also regularly used in the Ayahuasca ceremony. In other rituals of the Katukina tribe becomes rapé sometimes combined. For example with the kambo ritual and the use of Sananga drops.

Although the herbs are per rapé differences, the main ingredient is always powdered tobacco leaf of the Nicotiana Rustica. This plant is called Mapacho by the indigenous people. Loosely translated, this means 'master plant'. Mapacho contains a very high content of Nicotine which, among other things, has a stimulating effect. The making of rapé is labor-intensive because the powder is also sieved in addition to grinding the leaves.

Unlike cigarettes rapé no chemical additives which makes it much less stressful for your body. It is also much less addictive. Becomes traditional rapé used in combination with a kuripe pipe around the rapé to blow your nose.

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Guayusa Rapé securities

The Guayusa rapé has a number of specific characteristics. Take this one rapé to strengthen your mental and physical strength. It immediately gives you more energy and focus and is therefore also well suited as a study aid. But uncle you can dance and party with the extra energy of the Guayusa blend. The Guayusa rapé you can also order to generate lucid dreams. This requires the necessary training and routine. When one goes through the Guayusa rapé learn lucid dreaming you can come into contact with your ancestors who share their wisdom with you.

Research from various sources indicate that there are a number of general characteristics of it rapé to be. We also subscribe to this and will explain it below for you. But what the effect of rapé you can experience the best yourself. Underestimate the effect and power of rapé certainly not, it has been used medicinally for centuries.

Six special effects of Rapé in a row:

  1. Rapé ensures that you are properly grounded. Or to put it in other words that you are well placed in your own energy. It gives you more focus without the consciousness being narrowed. That is why it helps rapé you too when making a journey. Because rapé will help you reach a higher state of consciousness faster.
  2. Clean your body and mind with Rapé. This would purify your energetic field and chakras.
  3. Balance the acidity in your body because Rapé has an alkalizing effect.
  4. Let Rapé help your body to balance your hormones (the endocrine system). This is comparable to the operation of maca.
  5. Fight infections with Rapé.
  6. Improve the functioning of your pineal gland because rapé counteracts the calcification of this.


  • Ecuadorian Guayusa leaves

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    Used at Ayahuasca ritual and experienced as very pleasant. New favorite !!

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