Palo Santo - 5 pieces


Five wonderfully scented and energy-purifying Palo Santo woods. Read more about the operation and use of Palo Santo blades below.


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Palo Santo use and operation

Palo Santo literally means “holy wood” in Spanish. It comes from the Guaiac. This is a tree that mainly occurs along the borders of Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. That border area is called Gran Chaco.

The operation of Palo Santo is as follows. The smoke from the Palo Santo wood is used to purify the energy. Therefore, Palo Santo is often used prior to Ayahuasca or the Sananga ritual. It dissipates evil energy and also purifies your aura. In this way it helps to strengthen your contact with the 'spirit world' and your own subconscious mind. With all rituals and the ritual use of Shamanic products, your intention must be pure.

We only sell Palo Santo wood from naturally (dead) fallen trees and branches.

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