Palo Santo Block


Thick block of Palo Santo wood. Due to the thickness of the block, you get a lot more smoke to smudge with. Ideal for large spaces and ceremonial use. Average block is 4 cm X 10 cm in size with a weight of 70+ grams.


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Palo Santo wood block

Thick block of Palo Santo wood of around 70 grams. This Palo Santo block is ideal for cleaning a large space or for ceremonial use. Due to the thickness of the block, much more smoke is released to smudging.


In Spanish it literally means “holy wood”. It comes from the Guaiac. This is a tree that mainly occurs along the borders of Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. That border area is called Gran Chaco.


The smoke from the Palo Santo wood is used to purify the energy. Therefore, Palo Santo is often used prior to Ayahuasca or the Sananga ritual. It dispels evil energy and also purifies your aura. In this way it helps to strengthen your contact with the 'spirit world' and your own subconscious. In all rituals and ritual use of Shamanic products, your intention must be pure. Unfortunately, the tree for which the Palo Santo is used is threatened by the enormous demand from the west. Traditionally, only dead branches may be used for the Palo Santo. Thus, the Guaiac tree continues to be kept intact and protected. We do our very best to only offer this sustainable Palo Santo here. As a result, the price may sometimes be slightly higher than other providers, but you can smudge with peace of mind.


Average block is 70 grams and 4cm x 10cm in size.


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