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Are you looking for an online  head shop ? Then you've come to the right place to quickly and easily order your favorite headshop products? View an overview of our range per category below.  

Handy tools

The right tools for every job. From pipes, screens and packaging material to everything to be able to take a pinch quickly and in style. View our range of useful tools and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. In addition, our range is regularly supplemented with the latest products on the market. So stay tuned!

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Buy your favorite cheap seals in small or regular format in our online headshop. Choose from different designs, white or black and with folding lines.

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Zip bags

Buy your favorite cheap weed bags (zipper bags) here. Choose from different types and colors of zipper bags. From very small to bags of 35x 45 cm.

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Scales (precision scales)

A precision scale (scale) is one must have when you want to weigh very precisely and to several decimal places. From small and compact to large and robust.

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Papers & Tips

All types of rolling papers and tips for the satisfied smoker!

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There is more..

In addition to the more famous headshop and smart shop We also have a range of special items  shamanic  articles. So feel free to look around or visit our store for personal advice, our large collection of bongs and glass pipes and many more beautiful products. Like:

  • Gemstones, organizations, pendants and jewelery
  • Tarot and Insight Cards
  • Totems, tikis and tribal art
  • Oriental decoration for in and around your home

In summary, we offer:

  • Wide range of special headshop products.
  • Often fair and reliable origin.
  • High quality products.

In addition, you can always expect a quick response from us when you contact us for any reason. We are happy to give you more personal advice.

Legal & Responsible

All online headshop articles are immediately available and give you the opportunity to have a great experience. This in a legal and therefore responsible manner. If you order through this webshop before 18.00 p.m., you will often receive the order the next day. Of course we do not handle the delivery of the mail so that abnormal delays are unfortunately beyond us. Normally, however, this is not the case. All our items are shipped to you discreetly packaged.

Smart Bazar Service

When you buy your headshop products online here, we always go for optimal service. First of all, all products have been carefully selected to give you the best possible experience. For example, our articles are selected on various points such as durability, efficacy and no to minor side effects. We know this through first-hand experience and close contact with our regular customers and suppliers. Finally, your order is always carefully checked before we send it (anonymously) to you.

Are you looking for something? Or do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you in making your choice or purchased product.

24 / 7

Unlike our store, the webshop can be visited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can always contact us for your favorite products.

In summary..

  • Quality products.
  • Fast and anonymous home delivery.
  • Guaranteed service.
  • Personal support with wishes or questions.
  • Open 24/7 for your orders.

Normally, an order is delivered within 1 to 2 working days. Different delivery times apply for Europe. See the page for this SEND INFORMATION

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Result 1-18 is shown of the 130 results