Bamboo Kuripe Pipe


Handmade bamboo Kuripe pipe to control your dose rapé hold. Can also be used for other powders.


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Use this bamboo kuripe pipe to yourself Rapé powder. You do this through the rapé to blow into your own nose with this applicator. When you do that with someone else you use a Tepi pipe for this.

What is rapé?

Rapé is powder made from Amazonian plants. Although the herbs per rapé differences, the main ingredient is always powdered tobacco leaf of the Nicotiana Rustica. This plant is called Mapacho by the indigenous people. Loosely translated, this means 'master plant'. Mapacho contains a very high content of Nicotine which, among other things, has a stimulating effect. The making of rapé is labor-intensive because the powder is also sieved in addition to grinding the leaves.

Use case

In the Amazon rapé used for centuries. It plays an important role there in social life, ritual or relaxation. With this bamboo Kuripe pipe you keep control of your dose rapé. This kuripe can also be used for other powders such as, for example Kanna of Yopo. When you use sacred Shamanic products it is important to do this with the right intention.

Want to read more about the traditional use of Rapé, the Kuripe and Tepi then check out this website.

Curious about the use of Rapé with this handmade Kuripe pipe you can order it here online.


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