Buy mushroom spores

You can buy your mushroom spores here to grow your own magic mushrooms!

In addition to our offer magic truffles en grow kits here you will find the best mushroom spore ampoules including sterile syringe. Read further on this page how you can go from substrate to mycelium in five steps with the help of the ampoule.

Special magic mushroom spore culture.

Normally, when you buy spores, there is a high chance that they will become contaminated with bacteria. As a result, the chance of success is small. With this special magic mushroom ampoule and sterile syringe you are immediately ready to inject your substrate. Below you can see in five easy steps how to use the magic mushroom spores.


Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly before starting and wipe the outside of the Ampoul with a wet and clean cloth. We also advise you to clean everything once with sterile alcohol.

Step 2

The syringe is packed sterile. Make sure it does not become contaminated by only opening it in a clean (sterile) environment.

Step 3

Slightly open the cap of the ampoule (not completely). That way you can fill the syringe without getting a vacuum problem.

Step 4

Insert the needle through the rubber seal and fill the syringe.

Step 5

The filled syringe is now ready to use to inject your chosen substrate. Grow the spores in your substrate at room temperature. The mycelium becomes visible after a few days.


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