Microdosing with the best microdose truffle!

Looking for the best microdose truffle? We are happy to explain why we think this is one of the highest quality microdose truffles you can buy.

best microdose truffle

What is microdosing?

A microdose is literally a very small dose. In this case from a fresh magic truffle. These truffles contain, among other things, the active psychoactive substance Psylocibine. In your body this is then converted to Psylocin. People who microdose take just enough of the truffle to experience the positive effect, but too little for a change in your sensory perception. Basically, you don't feel under the influence (trippy) but you can get the possible benefits of it Psylocibin use.

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Ready for your microdose adventure? Order a unique full spectrum microdose truffle below and perhaps the best there is for sale. This McMicrodose truffle has been cultivated by highly experienced growers with the aim of developing a microdose truffle that is as complete as possible. For this, in addition to all the knowledge and love that has been put into it, no less than 4 food substrates have been used. This makes it the first truffle to contain such a full spectrum of active ingredients. We can therefore recommend this truffle with full conviction. So if you are looking for the optimal microdose experience, you've come to the right place!

We offer you this truffle of 6, 10 or 20 grams for a very competitive price. The truffle arrives to you vacuum-packed and anonymously, including all necessary information about its use. Refrigerated and unopened, the truffle can be kept for months. After opening the vacuum packaging, you should not keep the truffle (refrigerated) longer than necessary for microdosing. If you order your truffle today, you will receive it the next working day. Read more about microdosing below or scroll further down for our other useful microdose products.

Microdosing with magic truffles?

By microdosing people want to bring about positive change in their daily lives. In other words, where they were used to going left in their thinking and acting, they now hope to turn right more often. So most people microdose or microdose with truffles to achieve cognitive behavioral change. And to break through existing (negative) patterns.

Recent scientific research seems to indicate that Psylocibine activates and strengthens connections and parts in your brain that you normally use less or hardly ever. Currently there are several scientific ones onderzoeken going to the effect of Psylocibine. For example, in people with (reactive) depression for which regular therapy does not seem to work well. Also, taking Psylocibine at a higher dose would help people who are terminal in their fear of dying. A majority of the participants in this particular study indicated that they had less fear of death and letting go of life afterwards. See here the research results from the last mentioned research.

best cheapest microdose truffle


Fresh Microdose Truffle

How does microdosing work?

In general, people take a microdose of truffles of 0.5 to 1 gram every two days for at least one month. This in combination with consciously setting an intention about what they want to break through. In this way they hope for the desired behavioral change. Because every body reacts differently to the active psychoactive substance, it is advisable to start with a very low dose that you can increase as necessary. Preferably do this on the weekend or on a day when you have no other obligations. Roughly 3 protocols have been developed for taking a microdose of truffles. Check this one out protocols here.

Taking a microdose of truffle can contribute to:

  • Experiencing more peace and quiet in your body and head.
  • Lowering feelings of stress.
  • Experience a greater sense of satisfaction and gratitude.
  • The feeling of living more in the moment.
  • Get a more optimistic outlook on your life.
  • Experience an increased sense of creativity.
  • A decrease in the urge for destructive substances such as alcohol, tobacco or other (chemical) drugs.

What is your intention?

Are you often a bit sad, pessimistic or easily irritated? Or would you like to experience one of the other effects above more often? Then microdosing may be able to help you with this. The video below briefly explains what you can experience when you microdose with truffles.

Precision mini scale

It is advisable to purchase a precision scale if you plan to microdose. With this scale you can easily and very precisely determine your ideal microdose. Below you can order one of our precision scales. A perfect scale for weighing your microdose portion very precisely. The scale comes with batteries so that you can immediately start your microdosing adventure.

Check out here all our precision scales.

Microdose starter kit

With this microdose starter kit you have everything you need to start microdosing. In addition, you are a lot cheaper.

Shamanita Bio Tea

The Shamanita Bio tea is a delicious tea blend that you can use with or without a portion of truffles. Intended for a pleasant evening without alcohol.

Microdose Capsule Machine

Easily make your own microdose capsules to easily take your ideal dose. With this Microdose Capsule Machine you can make 24 capsules in no time. You can choose from size “1” capsules, suitable for a maximum of 500 mg (dried) powder or size “00” suitable for no less than 700 mg. Make sure you buy the right size capsules for your capsule machine.

Microdose Capsules

With these empty capsules size “1” you can easily make your own microdose capsules with a maximum of 500 mg per capsule.

Content: 100 pieces (vegetarian) capsules size “1”.

Microdose Stash Can

With this beautifully designed microdose jar (stash can) you not only keep your things fresh, you can also seal and store it odorlessly. This microdose stash can is a must have for anyone who wants to start his or her microdose adventure in style.

The best microdose truffle?

In summary, we offer perhaps the best microdose truffle that is for sale and this for a very competitive price. Recently, the interest and demand for microdosing with truffles has increased significantly. As a result, many new suppliers of truffles have appeared on the market. Unfortunately, the prices at many of these online stores are unnecessarily high. You often pay for expensive marketing campaigns and the hip packaging. In this way, microdosing remains affordable and with the highest quality guaranteed. Nice is not it!?

Want to know more?

Are there any uncertainties, doubts or do you have any questions after placing your order? Please feel free to contact us or visit our store. We do our very best to serve you as quickly as possible and to help you as well as possible with your microdose experience.


Magic truffles are not a medicine or a substitute for it. Nor is it a panacea for all your possible problems. The use of truffles is not recommended when using medication or in serious depression. Do not take magic truffles if you are taking antidepressants or any other MAO-inhibiting agent. Also, don't participate in traffic when using magic truffles. When in doubt, always consult your doctor first.

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