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Do you want to buy your own magic mushrooms (truffles) or do you prefer to grow them yourself? Then you are at Smart Bazar Smartshop at the right place. We are an online smart shop and store with a nice range of the best mushrooms (truffles) and grow kits. We also have everything you need to microdosing with magic truffles. Want to quickly view all products? Then we advise you to view our offer below.

Magic truffles

Discover the healing and spectacular power of our very high quality magic truffles. From mild and meditative to intense and cosmic. Choose your favorite magic mushroom right here.


With microdosing people want to bring about a positive change in their daily life. Microdosing or microdosing with truffles is thus done to achieve a cognitive behavioral change. It can thus be a powerful means to break through old (negative) patterns. Read more..

View our offer below and order directly!

Mushroom Growkits

Instead of buying truffles directly, you can also grow your own magic mushrooms. This is very easy with our mushroom grow kits. Our grow kit contains everything you need for a good result. After only a few weeks you are guaranteed to have your own cultivated mushrooms. follow the here described steps and success is guaranteed. Read more..

View our range below and order your favorite right away!

Growkit Heating Mat

Growkit heating Mat. It is reported that a constant temperature of 24°C is the optimal temperature for the mushrooms to grow. During cold days, you can use a heating mat to maintain a steady room temperature.

Mushroom Supplements

We sell various mushroom extracts such as Lion's Mane, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail. Click on one of the products below to read all about how it works. All our extracts are made from 100% fruit body (mushroom) and Full Spectrum. Obtained by means of H20 and Ethanol. In this way, the maximum amount of active ingredients is extracted from the fruiting body.

View here all mushroom supplements

Spore Ampoules

In addition to our range of magic truffles and grow kits, you will find the best mushroom spore ampoules, including sterile syringe. Click on one of the species below and see how you can go from substrate to mycelium in five steps.

Trip Stopper

Be extra well prepared and go into your mushroom trip with peace of mind with this trip stopper.

Smartshop range

Curious about our range of smartshop products? You will find all kinds of stimulating herbs and extracts here. How about energy-enhancing and aphrodisiac (aphrodisiacs) herbs? Or seeds and extracts with a psychoactive (tripping) effect.

Directly to the SMARTSHOP
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  • Dream herbs for lucid dreams
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  • Herbs for relaxation
  • Buy cannabis seeds online
  • Order good Kratom here!
  • Inositol Manitol
  • Reliable RAW CBD oil
  • Buy Happy Caps online!
  • Buy a drug test
  • Buy Herbal energizers online
  • Buy psychedelics here!

In summary, we offer:

  • Wide range of special truffles and grow kits, to grow yourself or to buy directly.
  • Durable and reliable origin.
  • High quality natural products.

In addition, you can always expect a quick response from us when you contact us for any reason. We are happy to give you more personal advice. You are also very welcome in our physical store with an even larger range of articles. Like:

  • All shapes and sizes of bongs and pipes
  • Gemstones, organizations, pendants and jewelery
  • Tarot and Insight Cards
  • Totems, tikis and tribal art
  • Oriental decoration for in and around your home

Legal & Responsible

All articles are immediately available and give you the opportunity for a special experience. This in a legal, natural and therefore responsible way. If you order through this webshop before 18.00 p.m., you will often receive the order the next day. Of course we do not handle the delivery of the mail so that abnormal delays are unfortunately beyond our control. Normally, however, this is not the case. All our items are shipped to you discreetly packaged.

Smart Bazar Service

When you buy your truffles or grow kit from us, we always go for optimal service. First of all, all products have been carefully selected to give you the best possible experience. For example, our articles are selected on various points such as durability, effectiveness and no to minor side effects. We know this through first-hand experience and close contact with our regular customers and suppliers. Finally, your order will always be carefully checked before we send it (anonymously) to you.

Are you looking for something? Or do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you in making your choice or purchased product.

24 / 7

Unlike our store, the webshop can be visited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can always contact us for your favorite products.

In summary..

  • Sustainable and authentic products.
  • Fast and anonymous home delivery.
  • Guaranteed service
  • Personal support with wishes or questions.
  • Open 24/7 for your orders.

Normally, an order is delivered within 1 to 2 working days. Different delivery times apply for Europe. See the page for this SEND INFORMATION

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Result 1-18 is shown of the 50 results